INCI Name: 

Hydroxyethyl Urea


HYDROVANCE® moisturizing agent is a single moisturizing agent that delivers moisturization efficacy comparable to the leading benchmark while offering non-tacky, non-greasy aesthetic in skin care products. HYDROVANCE® moisturizing agent provides excellent moisturization, increases skin elasticity, and enhances tactile sensory properties of formulations. HYDROVANCE moisturizing agent has broad compatibility, offering cosmetic chemists the freedom to formulate over a wide pH range and with a large variety of raw materials.

Application areas include: facial, body, hand, and foot creams and lotions, moisturizing products, anti-aging products, shower and bath products, facial cleansers, sun protection products, self-tanning products, color cosmetics, depilatories, antiperspirants and deodorants, foot care, hair styling products, hair shampoos and conditioners, hair treatments, hair color products.


Specification Sheet
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  • Skin Conditioning Agents
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