Hystrene® 5016 NF Food Grade   


 PMC Group


Hystrene® fatty acids are the highest purity fatty acids offered by PMC Biogenix and are among the finest available commercially. Hystrene® 5016 NF Food Grade, is a high purity mixture of saturated food grade fatty acids of edible sources with an approximate 50% palmic acid content. Typical of the triple-pressed grade, this product has excellent heat and color stability.

Hystrene® fattys are characterized by light colors and excellent oxidative and thermal stability. These properties make the fatty acids adaptable to a wide range of applications, including application in a variety of polymer additive uses, personal care products including cosmetics and hair care application, food grade products , waxes, printing inks, waxes, pharmaceuticals, paints, plastics, rubber compounding, water repellents and textile auxiliaries.


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