Glucanase 5XL   




Glucanase 5XL is a broad spectrum carbohydrase designed for use in brewing to lower wort viscosity, increase fermentable yield and reduce haze and filtration problems. It contains high levels of glucanase in combination with cellulase and Xylanase.

Glucanase 5XL is added to the grist in the mash tun, where it breaks down complex polysaccharides in the mash. It efficiently hydrolyses beta linkages in the barley glucan. This lowers wort viscosity, leading to a shorter run off time and an increase in wort volume. The solubilisation of complex polysaccharides in the mash increases the availability of fermentable substrates and haze and filtration problems resulting from unhydrolysed polysaccharides are effectively eliminated. This product is a brown liquid.


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