Oxylink™ 3101   


 Buhler Group

Oxylink™ 3101 is an aqueous formulation of inorganic particles including zinc oxide. It is an additive for waterborne coatings and formulations. Oxylink™ 3101 has a solid content of 44 wt.-% and a viscosity of: shear thinning; shear rate D = 10 s-1 < 100 mPas. It is applicable in clear as well as in pigmented systems, in satin and glossy coatings. It is easy to handle and ready-to-use. This product benefits coatings for wood and fiber boards, paper and plastics, metals, concrete and asphalt, vitreous and other siliceous substrates. Oxylink™ is a high-tech additive based on nanotechnology. The additive improves the cross-linking of the resin from within and thus strengthens the film against impact from the outside.


Press Release
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